Buddha Jayadev Siddharth


Buddha Jayadev Siddharth

Mr.Buddha Jayadev Siddharth Worked as a Trainee engineer, 2nd engineer, 1st engineer and chief Engineer in Marchent Navy. Chairman of the Company since 2015.

Name : Buddha Jayadev Siddharth
Education : M.E. (Marine Engineering) & Masters M.E. (Germany)
Blood Group : AB+
Languages known : Mother tongue Telugu, English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Russian & Malay.

Mr.Jayadev Siddharth “Siddharth” is Chief Engineer and completed masters in Marine Engineering after the education simultaneously served for the poor peoples, Farmers and labour who are in poverty,

He took the leadership and served for the people and established new farming techniques for the farmers in Farming as well in Farming cows.

Mr.Siddharth also involved in the development of better grassing techniques and Dairy Farm development, done a vast research through out 18 different countries.

He has lived on and cared for the land at our home farm. The land was purchased by Jayadev Siddharth & Maanavika, who worked here with their family with a new grass for better and rich in protein for healthy and A - Graded milk production industry. In 2016 the family began producing and distributing milk to their neighbours. Today He & She has grown to approximately 150 acres of farm land which provides essential nutrients for our herd to produce premium milk. He still owns and operates 100% of all the land and the dairy plant that bottles the milk that is brought to a store near.

He also had a great thoughts on serving to poor people and providing jobs to maximum who are ready to work independently